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    VA - Just Tell Me That You Want Me: A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac (2012)
    MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 01:18:32 | 180 Mb
    Alternative Rock, Indie Rock | Label: Hear Music[/center]

    Fleetwood Mac was the subject of an all-star tribute back in 1998, when Legacy: A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac's Rumours appeared. That full-length album tribute celebrated the Mac's biggest hit in a big way, concentrating entirely on major-label acts like Elton John and Matchbox 20, but 2012's Just Tell Me That You Want Me: A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac is decidedly more eccentric, as its title - a line borrowed from "Tusk" - no doubt suggests. Apart from Marianne Faithfull and Billy Gibbons, along with Americana singer Trixie Whitley, every band here exists solely within the realm of indie rock and, collectively, there's been a decision to stray from the confines of the standards of the Buckingham/Nicks songbook, with Bob Welch and Peter Green eras almost as well-represented as oddities from Lindsey Buckingham's album tracks. Certainly, the major hits come from Nicks: Antony essays an appropriately florid version of "Landslide," Karen Elson brings a bit of spooky blues to the witchy "Gold Dust Woman" - a reinvention surpassed by Best Coast's sprightly, insistent "Rhiannon," and the Kills turning "Dreams" into something resembling nightmares. Hooks take a backseat - only the New Pornographers' "Think About Me" really pushes the power pop angle - to eerie, dreamy textures, with the Lee Ranaldo Band and J Mascis setting a pitch-perfect keynote with "Albatross," even though it's hardly just guitars here. Tame Impala push "That's All for Everyone" onto waves of analog synths, MGMT give "Future Games" a considerable reworking, Gardens & Villa turn "Gypsy" into electro-pop, and Crystal Ark perform a similar trick with "Tusk," signaling the kind of imagination and depth that make Just Tell Me That You Want Me an unusually satisfying tribute album.

    01. Lee Ranaldo Band feat. J. Mascis / Albatross [0:04:16.11]
    02. Antony / Landslide [0:03:33.01]
    03. Trixie Whitley / Before The Beginning [0:04:46.08]
    04. Billy Gibbons & Co. / Oh Well [0:04:45.08]
    05. Best Coast / Rhiannon [0:03:07.19]
    06. The New Pornographers / Think About Me [0:02:55.68]
    07. Marianne Faithfull / Angel [0:04:59.23]
    08. Lykke Li / Silver Springs [0:04:10.49]
    09. Karen Elson / Gold Dust Woman [0:05:42.25]
    10. Matt Sweeney and Bonnie 'Price' Billy / Storms [0:04:55.70]
    11. Washed Out / Straight Back [0:03:43.32]
    12. Tame Impala / That's All for Everyone [0:03:42.74]
    13. Craig Wedren with St. Vincent / Sisters of the Moon [0:03:44.69]
    14. The Kills / Dreams [0:04:55.59]
    15. Gardens & Villa / Gypsy [0:04:40.15]
    16. The Crystal Ark / Tusk [0:05:30.21]
    17. MGMT / Future Games [0:09:01.56]

    [url]http://uploadgig.com/file/download/4ffb508F3668Fa8c/VA-Just Tell Me That You Want Me A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac 2012.rar[/url]
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